Pouring rain, a girl walks across the street without an umbrella,unfazed. She has her head upright, isnt trying to cover her entire being by her tiny palm, quiet unlike the others. It’s like she does this every morning after brushing her teeth.

A girl after my own heart.

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If you ever look outside the airplane window on a late-night flight, you’ll see how our cities outshine all the stars put together. I wonder if stars motivate themselves, try to catch up with us.

And this cyclic competition makes a toddler giggle, as he runs his hand through a bag full of marbles.

Filmy. Very Filmy.

Sitting next to me in the bus is this young lassie who looks to have just completed her BCA/B.Sc and is in the bag bad Mumbai city.

A guy comes up to her window, she goes “Kem.. kone kidhu ahiya aavanu?” Who asked you to come here.

Thara man e. Your heart did.


Sema javani che? Which one are you going in?

Aaje, Baroda Express. Today

Ane Pachi? And when will you be back?

Budhware e.. Tyar sundhi kone tras aapis? Wednesday, Who will you trouble till then?

Looking playfully the guy reaches out to slap her… Makes contact.. Caresses her cheek,gazes into her eyes with a stern look.. Turns around and walks away.

Reminds me of a line from Shantaram – Any Indian man will tell you that although love might not have invented in India, it was certainly perfected there.


Minivan. Last row.
She’s trying to rest her head against the seat, sleep.. A part of me is admiring the contours of her face, the irregularity of her teeth that make her surreally real. Another part wonders what she did to be so sleepy. Who dint let her sleep last night and how?

Devoured or devastated? Giant rock on the wrong finger.

Morality 2.0

If I post a drunken status message on facebook does my boss (who is on my friends list, ironic?) have the right to hold it against me for work related assessment? What if it is used against me in a court of law when establishing a criminal case?

This is not just a random thought. An ethical and moral implication of digital content in a legal situation is spoken about here.

Digital footprint is a word often thrown around to identify an individual’s actions in the e-sphere. Comments/content posted by a “User” is linked to the individual who has signed up for the service. How close is this individual, flesh and bones, any different from the ‘user’ or account holder?

Legal implications aside what is the ethics standpoint in the digital space. Ethics are identified by actions performed by an individual. In the real life we use verbal and non verbal methods to put across our opinion, our intentions. There have been interesting studies in this regard.

According to Saunders et al (2006), “Ethics refers to the appropriateness of your behaviour in relation to the rights of those who become the subject of your work, or are affected by it” whereas Gilbert and Churchhill, (1995) has defined ethics as “the moral principles and values that govern the way an individual or group conducts its activities”. According to Saunders et al (2002) the literature surrounding research ethics highlights the need to obtain informed consent as the subject area was decided by all members of the organization via consultation it would be easy to suggest that all organization members have given informed consent. However, the author ethically needs to consider to what extent each individual had a choice about participation. The author is fully aware that he may never receive full and correct information however if the author communicates the aims, objectives and keep his research subjects as open and transparent as possible then this helped him to extract the most vital information out of the employees.

Choice of participation and perception of an individual’s opinion in respect to the capacity in which the opinion is expressed is critical. Twitter profiles of CEO’s and MD’s have a discretionary note that that opinions expressed are their own and not the organization. Would @EV ‘s views on the cloud not affect twitter’s relationships with google? Or are we maturing enough as a society to distinguish the difference of a role and an individual.